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Welcome to our chapter!

The American Culinary Federation Chapter at the Midwest Culinary Institute is one of the largest in the country. Students are involved in on-campus and off-campus activities. They strive for excellence in competition and community service, while challenging themselves to become certified culinarians of the American Culinary Federation.  Graduate students are successful executive chefs and restaurant owners. They also serve as co-op employers and mentors to the present student body. We pride ourselves as being the best two year culinary arts program in the United States. Our members are truly the future chefs of our community.

Our goal is to create exciting opportunities for our budding culinarians and create the type of activities and programs that every student can participate in. From competitions to culinary events, you can meet and network with the top chefs in Cincinnati.
“Cooking is our game and Quality is our name” 




THe Home of the Finest Junior Chapter in the ACF

The Midwest Culinary Institute chapter is one of the largest ACF Junior chapters in the United States of America. It is comprised of over 500 student members .  Many great activities are being planned for the upcoming months.

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